Blairsville Mulch

Blairsville Landscaping Presents Blairsville Mulch!!

Mulch seems to be becoming one of our main services as of late. No wonder!! We are providing full service mulch at better than box store prices. We deliver the mulch, prep the area, spread, smooth and shape your mulch for you. You never need to touch the mulch if you don’t want to.

 Three Budget Friendly, Sweatless Options To Choose From!!

Level 1:

Grinder quality, single ground mulch. This is the one to choose when you have a large area to cover on a budget.

Level 2: Premium quality, double ground, natural hardwood mulch. This is nicknamed “Bank Hugger” for a reason. It stops erosion in it’s tracks!!

Level 3: Premium Quality, Dyed Mulch. Red, Black, Natural Chocolate Brown.

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 Blairsville Mulch